Twins Sister on their 5th year  birthday

Would you keep your Twins/Multiples in separate class?

Twins girls in beautiful dress by Twinkle kidsMy girls, my twin's daughters turned five recently and will be starting school, a kindergarten class in the next few days, and the question of whether I wanted them in the same class or separate came up at some point during the application process.

My twin girls had different personalities, they still do though. Around the time they were 2 years old, one of them would usually wait for the other to take initiative before she gets things done and very much depended on her sister. And the other was quite dominant and independent. When I enrolled them In preschool at 3 years old, I wanted them to be in separate classes for this reason.

The Preschool professionals advised at the time to put them in the same class at first and make our observations and if there is any doubt, we can separate and put them in different classes. The classroom teacher discussed and sent reports to me often. We observed that they never distracted each other in the class. They would play as an individual and socialized with others kids very well. They were not dependent on each other, they played with different toys on their own and were more of different individuals than twins in the classroom.

I trusted the professionals' reports and trusted my observations as I have noticed quite a bit of difference in them at home. Kids would simply depend on one another when younger, in their case at 2 years old when I had a fear instinct that one would always wait for the other to get things done. As they grow, they have learned to play and learn as individuals very well without disrupting one another.

While this might not be the case for every twin because my daughters are not identical twins, It is easier to tell them apart. Unlike identical/monozygotic twins that it is sometimes difficult to tell them apart because of their remarkably similar physical appearance which could sometimes confuse the classroom, both for teachers and other students-complained by multiple parents in a Facebook group I used to be part of.

We both (Husband and me) came to conclusion to have both of them in same class as they start the big school (kindergarten class) for so many reasons.

Relying on one another for support. It is a new school and a new environment and might need supporting each other for a strong head start.

Makes life Easier and more convenient. My goal is to live a more simplified and stress life. With two or more kids in the same grade at the same time, convenience is the best reason to keep them together in the same class, with one set of assignments, tests, and teachers to deal with.

Ensures Consistency When dealing with Teachers. With different teaching styles and personality from teaching, it will make more sense to deal with just a teacher as against with multiples.

Enable Parent Involvement, I would like to volunteer and be involved as a parent in their school activities when prompted to do. Having multiple children in different classes in the same grade can be impossible for parents who want to give their time to the school. It will be hard to chose which child class to get involved at the same time, so having twins in the same class opens up opportunities for more parental involvement in their school.

While there is a limited research in this area. I will advice you to follow your guts, your experience with your kids, professional advice and your instinct to make an informed decisions. The most important is to have a healthy and happy environment for your kids to learn, grow and excel.

Thanks for taking your time to read my write-up. It means a lot to me.

Until next time.

Lola Oyus

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