About us

Brand Values: Kindness,  Curiosity & Creating Positive Connections with the little ones in your lives 

Twinkle Kids aims to empower modern families to navigate the adventure of raising curious and kind kids through our specially selected fashions and products.

We feature fun and quality baby and kids' fashions and products around the world. We hope kids be more curious and open to learning through fashion and products.
We also want the next generation to be kind to others, and the environment.

About Lola Oyedotun Balogun, the Founder

Giving birth to my beautiful twin girls and little man is one of the most amazing things that ever happened to me.
I feel very inspired and empowered being their mom and I wanted to start a business that we can all grow with, build our confidence, and a lasting legacy for all of us.
My mission is to make it easy and fun for parents to shop for quality clothes.  As our lifestyle changed towards conscious living and minimalism, we have integrated it into our business by providing sustainable fashion and practices.

Please visit our Instagram and Facebook page where we discuss important topics towards raising Kind, Curious,  Happy Kids and how to create amazing connections with your kids 

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